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Welcome to our On-Line Hydrazen A.T. presentation!

There is no doubt that after reviewing this presentation, you will have a better understanding of how and why Hydrazen A.T. Ideally Structured Water is able to give people such dramatic health benefits in such short periods of time.

Your first time through, we recommend that you view this presentation from start to finish. After that, you may want to revisit specific sections of the presentation that you find interesting.

Included in this presentation is:

Loren Zanier

In this presentation, there is a lot of material that is common knowledge. However, the most valuable information necessary to understand this phenomena is the intellectual property of Loren Zanier (Copyright© 2001. Loren Zanier and Craig Inaba all rights reserved. No portion of this article may be duplicated, printed, or copied without the expressed written consent of the authors).

Loren Zanier: Original author of Resonant Field Theory (1958) and inventor of the technology used to make Hydrazen A.T. (1973).

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